“Name that Mountain” Contest Closed

After many years of trying to find the perfect name for the mountain located on the Frio Cañon wilderness preserve, a name has been agreed upon. "Mount Mijo" is in rememberance of Marcus "Mijo" Martinez. Marcus is the son of Martin and Nina Martinez and was a dear friend of the Frio Cañon community. “Mijo”, meaning “my son”, is what his mother lovingly called Marcus. A plaque looking toward the mountain is located on the west side of the Granny Mear bridge. It reads: “Marcus Anthony Martinez, the son of Martin and Nina Martinez of Leakey, passed away at age 20 on May 21, 2012. Losing Marcus was hard on the Martinez family and the entire local community. Marcus was a young man who led by example. He treated people with respect and was a role model to many of his peers. He worked here at Frio Cañon, along with his uncle Rene. His Mother would refer belovedly to Marcus as ”Mijo”, meaning “my son” in spanish. The mountain before you has been named Mount Mijo in honor of Marcus.”