2,000 acres of opportunity.

From riverfront to ranchland, sites at Frio are as diverse as they are beautiful.

Frio Cañon community map.

Frio Canon Millcreek canon

Lower River at Frio Cañon

Stunning views of the Frio River, with ancient cypress trees dating back a millennium. Cool, clear water full of fish and a location waiting for new memories to be made. Properties full of beautiful pecans, black walnuts, and live oaks hundreds of years old provide shade for Hill Country homes and cottages – this stretch of the Frio River will leave you breathless.

The Meadow at Frio Cañon

Within a short stroll of our Homestead Park and deep water Frio dock rests a beautiful meadow. In the shadow of Mount Mijo, this meadow comes to life with morning sunrises and golden light at sunset each day. The Meadow neighborhood is perfect for Hill Country cottages filled with family and friends making memories together.

Canon Flowers
Frio Canon tree and chair

The Riverfront at Frio Cañon

Listen to the Frio rapids on your porch while enjoying your morning coffee. Take a walk down to the water and dip your feet in the crystal water of the Frio, slip into a nearby natural pool, or take a nap in a hammock under the shade of a beautiful cypress. These Riverfront properties are something special – several spacious lots available, right on the Frio River!

Bybee Creekfront at Frio Cañon

This neighborhood is bordered by a beautiful wildflower meadow on one side, and a freshwater creek full of fish on the other. Bybee is an ages-old spring-fed creek that runs into the Frio River, offering a breadth of activities to residents. Spend a day on the water fishing, swimming, or taking in the beauty of whitetail deer coming for a drink and gray herons that make their home here.

Frio Canon tree by river
An aerial shot of a canal, hills, and trees.

Headwater Springs at Frio Cañon

A conservation development maximizing natural space and wildlife habitat, Headwater Springs features 24 homesites beside – and overlooking – Bybee Creek. Find your spot for a perfect porch and cozy firepit perched above the creek and canyon, or place your Hill Country Cottage next to the beautiful creek for restful days on the water. Enjoy the benefits of a Texas Ranch with acres of open natural space and an on-hand staff to tend to the details.

The Ranches at Frio Cañon

These properties range in size from 100 to 400 acres with natural springs, ancient Madrones, and beautiful canyons waiting for your ranch home. Each Frio Ranch property comes complete with a cottage and utilities installed – begin enjoying the ranch lifestyle in the Texas Hill Country.

Two people riding on horses through a river.