The Waterfront at Frio Cañon includes a variety of properties:  

Deepwater frontage properties enjoy a picturesque portion of the Frio River with centuries old cypress trees and deep water for recreation.

Waterfall properties are preferred for members who enjoy hearing the sound of the water.

Bluff Overlook properties are special in that homesites can be built closer to the river bank. In most cases, homes can be designed where the water activity can be enjoyed from your living room chair.

Bybee Creek sites are especially private because these properties include both sides of Bybee Creek and do not include a walking easement for community access.

Ownership Opportunities

Tract #1/2240’ water-frontage, private 2.2 acresAvailable
Tract #3/4240’ water-frontage, private 2.2 acresAvailable
Tract #5/6240’ water-frontage, private 2.19 acresAvailable
Tract #7/8265.5’ water-frontage with dam, private 1.87 acresAvailable
Tract #8/9184.5’ water-frontage, private 1.53 acresAvailable
Tract #10975’ water-frontage, Dinosaur swimming hole & Hermit swimming hole, 3.06 acresSOLD
Tract #11150’ water-frontage Dinosaur swimming hole, 1.07 acresSOLD
Tract #12130’ water-frontage, 1.09 acresSOLD
Tract #13A250’ water-frontage, Hermit swimming hole, confluence of Bybee Creek & Frio River , 2.35 acres with private residenceSOLD
Tract #15A308’ water-frontage, 2.05 acresSOLD
Tract #17A306’ water-frontage, 2 acre, bridge viewAvailable
Tract #19117.2‘ water-frontage, 1 acre, bridge view with private residenceSOLD
Tract #21/22

172’ water-frontage, 1.8 acres, spectacular oak trees, bridge view

Tract #22/23Cascada waterfall tract: 187‘ water frontage, 2.1 acres, Historic well and view of bridgeAvailable
Tract #24/25Cascada Waterfall Tract: 187’ Water-Frontage, 1.9 acresSOLD
Tract #25/26187’ water-frontage, 1.8 acres, Frio farmhouse (4 bed room plus Sleeping Loft)SOLD
Tract #27/28250’ water-frontage, 2.4 acres, Deep WaterAvailable
Tract #29/30250’ water-frontage, 2.42 acres, deep waterSOLD
Tract #31/32238’ water-frontage, 2.71 acres, deep waterSOLD
Tract #33A310’ water-frontage, 3.5 acres, deep water (Under Construction)SOLD
Tract #36A166’ water-frontage, 1.9 acres, deep waterSOLD
Tract #37/38198‘ water frontage, 2.19 acres, deep water, under constructionSOLD
Frio VistaDescriptionStatus
FV #1Cypress House, 128' water-frontage, 1.5 acres, deep water (4 bedroom, 3 bath)SOLD
FV #2175' water-frontage, 1.7 acres, deep waterSOLD
FV #5/6 245’ Prime Deep water-frontage, 2.5 acresSOLD
FV #8121’ Deep water-frontage Bluff Lot, 1.64 acresSOLD
FV #11A180’ water-frontage, 1.8 acresSOLD
FV #12AFrio River Cabin, 180' water-frontage, 1.75 acres, (5 bedrooms, 5 baths with a 2-story porch) waterfall sounds & view, *plus landscaping costAvailable*
FV #14/15345’ water-frontage, 3.1 acres, (3 bedrooms, 3 baths), Cedar HouseSOLD
FV #16144’ water-frontage, 1.55 acres, west side of river, bridge viewSOLD
FV #18156’ water-frontage, 1.64 acres, west side of river, bridge & waterfall viewAvailable
FV #19/20312’ water-frontage, 3.9 acresAvailable
FV #22155' water-frontage, 2.1 acresAvailable


Call 830.232.5904 or email sales@friocanon.com for more information.