The Frio Cañon Story

A renowned builder’s journey to creating a neighborhood in one of the most coveted spots in the Texas Hill Country. 

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When David Dalgleish set out to plan Frio, he looked for a spot where the best of nature and architecture could be combined. Somewhere far enough where you could feel like you’re getting away, but close enough where you could go spontaneously. He found it at Frio Cañon.

The personality of Frio is humble, yet refined. David’s long standing reputation as an artful home builder has brought careful attention to the design and layout of the community. While most developers could have turned this into several hundred home sites, David has limited the opportunity in order to preserve the exquisite beauty of the canyon. 

For David, Frio is a vision project that strikes close to home. In fact, one of the first homes he built at Frio was for his family. At the end of the day, you’ll often find him sitting on his porch strumming songs on an acoustic guitar. 

Step into the Frio Cañon lifestyle.

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